Pumpkin Paint Up
Pumpkin Paint Up
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Welcome to the Painted Pumpkin Art Contest which is open to kids in Orange County and with limitations in the surrounding communties.

The rules of our contest are simple. Paint or draw a Pumpkin, on paper, on canvas, on board or on the surface of your choice or paint a small pumpkin. Contest is open to Children between the ages of 5 to 18 and is Free to Enter.

Please make sure your name, age and phone number is firmly attached to each entry



$75.00 1st Place Prize in each Age group

$25.00 Michaels Card 2nd Place Prize in each Age group

Judging will be done by The young women of Miss Anaheim Beautiful and an independent jury of young people.
Deadline for Entries : October 25th 2018

*Our space is limited so please use Pumpkins of smaller sizes

*Entries will not be returned unless arrangements are made to do so.

Painted Pumpkin Gallery

Pumpkin Art Contest
1170 North La Palma Parkway
Anaheim, CA 92801

Entries can also be dropped of in Lake Forest or Huntington Beach (at specific times).

If you would like drop off entries please call to make arrangements.

If you would like to have entries picked up please call Jack Knight.

Painted Pumpkin Gallery 2

Visit the Pumpkin Gallery at the Fall Festival

Pumkin art will also be on display after the Fall Festival in the Muzeo until November 9th

Andy Anahiem 95th

The Fall Festival is now in it’s 95th year. We will have an awards presentation for our winners and their wonderful Artwork. Please note you do not have to be able to attend to winner or take part. We will also have as we did last year an open air gallery area for our entries.

We have for a number of years offered a free painting booth and will do so again this year. This year however we have set up and will be a part of the Artober Alley which will be a area specifically set up to cater to the creative endeavors. We have a number of Artists partnered with various non profits who will provide demonstrations and arts and craft activities, free of charge to those who wish to participate.

If you are and artist and wish to take part in this we still have a few spots so please contact Jack Knight ASAP.